Industrial Analytics, AI, and Industry 4 0 Deliver Results, not AI Powered Jargon

By admin| 2 Min Read | March 29, 2024

The industrial market is full of data-driven & AI-powered lingo; yet research firm Gartner estimates an 80% failure rate for industrial analytics & AI efforts. So what type of initiatives actually drive results & successfully scale? How are use cases internally selected, scored, risk prioritized, and funded? And how are these efforts broken down into digestible components?

In this session, JH Morris of Delta Bravo AI, will discuss successful frameworks and the step-by-step approach used to generate consistent results on industrial data analytics engagements, including example solution economics. Delta Bravo spent the first several years of their business finding ways to mess this up, so you don’t have to! Delta Bravo Artificial Intelligence has worked with over 90 manufacturers, turning data generated on the plant floor into specific actions & suggestions for operators, leading to measurable improvements in throughput and quality; reductions in unplanned downtime and waste. This session is aimed at professionals in operations, quality, digital transformation, process & controls engineering, and plant leadership.

About the Presenter: JH Morris leads the manufacturing business growth efforts at Delta Bravo AI. Delta Bravo works with manufacturers to turn data collected on the plant floor into Predictive Models that increase throughput and quality while reducing waste and downtime. Prior to joining Delta Bravo, JH worked with manufacturers across the Southeast to bolster their connectivity, availability, and security-focused business capabilities. JH has a business consulting background and is motivated by working with teammates to build innovative solutions for Delta Bravo’s manufacturing customers.