Self-Assessment: Focus Your Clean Energy Efforts

By admin| 2 Min Read | July 20, 2023

In collaboration with project partners, the Clean Energy Manufacturing (CEMfg) initiative has developed a comprehensive self-assessment for small and medium manufacturers in the tri-state region to evaluate the current level of awareness and opportunities available in the clean energy transition. The self-assessment involves two different avenues, supply chain and greener factories, to allow manufacturers to identify the best strategies to achieve their unique goals. By completing the assessment, the CEMfg team will help to identify areas of strength in current operations, ‘readiness’ to tackle projects to transition towards clean energy, and what it looks like to get started. This and potential future assessments will analyze where the organization currently stands, current goals in the clean energy transition either through supply chain improvements or greener factory and efficiency upgrades, and what the CEMfg team can do to help the business get on the track to meeting their goals. The ultimate goal is to help small and medium manufacturers be established and a part of this emerging Clean Energy Economy.


After completion of the assessment, companies will be directed towards educational resources based on their level of awareness and preparedness for the clean energy transition. This can lead to a site assessment or other engagement tailored to company needs. The CEMfg initiative can provide technical assistance and business support to organizations seeking to expand business, production, and jobs in the clean energy supply chains. This could include practical emissions reduction strategies and other opportunities and educational resources for how to proceed down the net zero pathway through efficient energy practices.

The energy industry is undergoing a revolution. It can be challenging to keep pace and identify opportunities for your organization in energy efficiency and the transition to clean energy. However, energy efficiency is a vital component to achieving net-zero emissions of carbon dioxide through decarbonization. Additionally, cost savings, resiliency and reliability, and improvements in the environment, community, and health are all benefits of moving towards a clean energy economy.

The clean energy transition for manufacturing operations is in the early stages but rapidly expanding as technology continues to evolve. Many organizations are just becoming aware of the impacts this will have on their business while some have embedded these ideas into the core of their business. Wherever you are, Catalyst can help the transition with anything from educational resources to mini grants and application assistance.